You Must Know This To Achieve Anything In Life

April 24, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Columns


By Joe Fox

Do I have your attention?

I just came back from my morning run and felt inspired to share this with you……

At some point, we’re all stuck at our current level of THINKING and KNOWING and we accept it as our truth.

We take it as how the world IS through our tinted glasses.

Our current level of knowing is an intricate set of filters that frame our world of possibilities and limitations at the same time.

Everything we’ve learned through personal experience, everything we’ve absorbed and acted on repeatedly, defines our TARGETS in life.

Those are our TARGETS but they aren’t our TRUE TARGETS.

Those targets are merely a snapshot of what we think is possible for us at any given point in our life.

Most of us aren’t aware of this dynamic when we say..

“Well, she’s gifted and talented”
“He comes from money, he didn’t have to work for it”

Those are words and beliefs that separate us from others.

If we think in those terms we’re predestined and program ourselves to only act and create within this very limiting sphere.

A lot of us are motivated and driven to achieve MORE, they crave EXPANSION and CHANGE..

  • ..they want to grow and excel in their career..
  • ..they want to fulfill their dreams..
  • ..they want to become perfectly healthy..

And we can go to those places and access the vision we have IN OUR MIND and think about them.

You cannot THINK yourself out of your current situation..

No amount of planning and preparation will ever yield results..
if you dont..

  • Expand and UNLOCK your TRUE TARGETS and potential by BEING the person you want to be in the future, NOW.

Does this make sense?

Engaging in the real world and acting AS IF can be very scary that’s why I chose to play small in the past and rather stay in my bubble and plan out everything on a cognitive level alone..

We can be powerful thinkers and planners but if we don’t step out of the SAFE ZONE that is our head and actually ENGAGE in the world we’ll go nowhere.

Remember THIS if you want to GET RESULTS..

1) You have to BE what you want to be – now

2) You have to take consistent action – now

Hope you find this helpful, comment below if you want to talk about this.


Joe Fox - Peak Mental Performance Coach/Entrepreneur /Musician /Surfer