Who Am I? Truffaux Competition & Hawaii Launch Event

September 13, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Press Releases

Photo Car Hawaii - Truffaux

HONOLULU, HAWAII – We took 3733 self-portraits across the streets of Melbourne in ‘Lola Truffaux’, our 1954 baby Austin. The idea was so simple – you put on a hat, climb in the car, giggle, smile, play, smooch, push the button & take your portrait. Then we share the images and have exhibitions of our ‘co-creative’ art – nice!
Photo Car Hawaii - TruffauxIt is all about seeing yourself as art, and capturing the transformation that a hat brings. It is 15 minutes of fame. It is seriously good fun. It is Truffaux.

I am 55 years old and have never been named. I will travel around Oahu, taking portraits, meeting people, showing off, mingling with the locals, eating shave ice, singing songs and having parties. In December we will have our grand Hawaiian photo exhibition and you are invited to come.

For now – I need you to give me a name. And then you have a chance to win the grand prize, $1000 in Panama hats. Email names to truffauxphotocar@gmail.com or on our Facebook. You can also text names to +1 (808) 258 1067.

Truffaux is the culmination of extensive research, toil and trouble in order to unlock the lost secrets of fine hat wearing. Our hats are coveted by hat lovers, prized by fashionistas and worn across the globe by an astonishingly diverse range of individuals.

Truffaux Hawaii

We cordially invite you to help give the newest edition to the Truffaux family a name. The family also invites you in joining us for a fabulous evening of fun and the unveiling of the next famous Truffaux on October 18, 2013 from 5pm-10pm at Waikiki Beach Walk®. Media inquiries and to ‘RSVP’, please contact Nicholas Haigler with Thoughts & Strategies via email 411@thoughtsandstrategies.com or phone (808) 489-6505. This event is open to the public.

“Making a stranger, more beautiful universe”