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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ritsuko Kukonu
P.O.Box 75485
Honolulu, HI 96836
(808) 927-5608

Honolulu, Hawaii – The large Japanese cleaning goods rental & sale company Sanikleen Corporation launched its first overseas location in Honolulu in April 2014. The new company Sanikleen Corporation USA started its mats and mops rental service in last November.

The predecessor of Sanikleen in Japan, “Daven Roy Inc. (Linen Supply Service) was founded in 1940 in Honolulu. It opened a location in Japan in 1961 to expand its business overseas and introduced the first “rental system” of cleaning products in Japan along with its original linen supply business.

Sanikleen developed the “dust control processing”, a treatment that holds the dust to their mats and mops after being caught.  They also first launched “rental system” of the mats and mops in Japan.  In this system, customers do not need to buy their products. Sanikleen staff come to their premises and replace the used ones with new ones on a regular basis. By doing this, they are able to make stable supply of “dust control effect (product)”.

The rental system gradually became accepted in Japan as it maintains effectiveness of the mats and mops by replacing regularly and  customers do not need to buy and make a large initial investment.  They have grown to the leading company in cleaning business in Japan with 6,600 employees and annual sales 83.7 billion yen ($698million).  Sanikleen Corporation and their group companies now operate uniform rental and sale, professional cleaning service, auto lease/rental and water server rental.

Sanikleen Corporation USA is mainly doing mat and mop rentals for business and home use now here in Hawaii. Their mission is to “give back” health and sanitary support to the Hawaii community.  They are also exploring new business in Hawaii with Japanese culture, goods and services to meet your requirements and solve various issues.

They also have custom floor mats to attract customer’s attention to your brand, service and products. Those mats are perfect for advertising and promotion that enable you to communicate with your customers using graphics and text.

Those who are interested in their mats and mops, they offer free trials. Please call (808)724-4488 for more information.

“Sanikleen Corporation USA” which was launched in Honolulu in November 2014 is the first overseas location of Sanikleen Corporation. It operates cleaning and cleaning goods rental/sale business in Japan. The original company DavenRoy Ltd. was born in Honolulu in 1940 and started linen supply business in Japan in 1961. It was the first company who introduced “rental system” of cleaning goods in Japan. Sanikleen Corporation has grown to the leading company in cleaning business in Japan with 6,600 employees and annual sales 83.7 billion yen ($698million).
Sanikleen Corporation USA now provides mats and mops rental service for office and home use in  Hawaii.

Sanikleen’s mascot character “Saniel” stems from “Sanitation” and “Clean”. He is an elf born from human’s kindness.

General Information
Address: 1930 Auiki Street, Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: (808)724-4488
President: Shuichi Shibata
General Manager: Ryoichi Koga
Founded: April 2014
Business started:  November 2014

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