Renaissance Hawaii Wood Flooring Refinishes House Hardwood Floor Making It Durable and Beautiful.

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Refinish hardwood floors that are worn and scuffed due to aging, scratches, discoloration and other imperfections in the old floor through sanding, multi-coat techniques to finish and recreating a stronger floor with a smoother finish to last many years to come.


If you purchased an older home in Hawaii, there is good chance it was built with Hawaii wood flooring. Over the years, those floors were most likely to deteriorate, lack luster and cover with other flooring materials including discoloration too.

Old wood floors can be refinished in any home. Contact Renaissance Wood Flooring to inspect your property, they will give you a free estimate and can start to bring your hardwood floors back to life.

They install, sand, refinish and stain hardwood floors. There is no better way to enhance your house than to put in some nice new hardwood floors or refinish the old ones. This can improve the beauty of the house. The whole process from start to finish can be done in one day depending on the nature of refinishing.

Perform this simple procedure to know if your hardwood floor needs refinishing. Locate the spot on the floor that takes the most traffic. Pour a table spoon of water on that spot and note the reaction. If the water slowly soaked in the wood, the finish is already thin. But if the water swiftly penetrates to it, you’ll need to refinish it immediately.

Renaissance Wood Flooring is owned by Thom Rilliet. His company is Hawaii’s leading Hawaii Hardwood Flooring Contractor. They specialize in home, office and commercial wood floor sanding and refinishing. Their experience makes them a leading force in recreating floors that shine like no other. They employ the most powerful dust free process available which uses industrial vacuum technology and high-end wood floor sanding technique.


To make wood floors into an amazing works of art and strength. Thom Rilliet creates a refinished hardwood floor that is timeless, mixed with durability and beauty. This will increase the value and aesthetic of the home and it compliments any island style living.

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