Off The Wall Restaurant challenges diners to begin their meal with dessert first at its new South King Street location

January 17, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Press Releases

January 16, 2015, Honolulu, Hawaii – Kyle Matsumoto, owner of Off The Wall Restaurant and Catering in Pearl Kai Shopping Center, and Ed Morita, formerly of Highway Inn Kaka‘ako, are teaming up to bring a new dining experience to Honolulu with Off The Wall Craft Desserts & Kitchen (OTW Craft).

Taking over the former Tsunami Night Club space located at 1272 S King St., Morita will be joined by Chef de Cuisine, Andrew Mitani to create a new expression of Matsumoto’s restaurant motto, “local-style comfort food with a twist”.

OTW Craft will offer diners an out of the ordinary dining experience with its concept of “‪#‎DessertFirst‬ vs. ‪#‎FoodFirst‬“.

“Every restaurant I’ve ever worked at treated desserts as an afterthought,” said Morita, “that is why I knew that if I ever had the chance to develop a dining concept, it would revolve around highlighting #DessertFirst.”

Although they are able to order however they want, diners at OTW Craft will be strongly encouraged to start with what many consider to be the best part of the meal: dessert.

“To me food was always more than just nourishment, food meant family,” said Mitani who is championing the #FoodFirst banner and has worked under Matsumoto at the original Off The Wall to craft a cooking style that is strongly rooted in local cuisine, yet infused with Japanese, Korean, Italian, and French flavors.

Although Morita (#DessertFirst) and Mitani (#FoodFirst) have their preferences on how they hope customers will order, they along with Matsumoto are collaborating on a fun unique menu that will blur the lines between sweet and savory.