Monsanto launches new ad campaign in Hawaii

June 14, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

Monsanto Hawaii has launched a new awareness campaign as part of its ongoing efforts to promote an open dialogue with the community and secure a greater understanding about the company’s farming practices and products.


Monsanto Hawaii has been reaching out to the community since early last year in an effort to improve its relationship with its neighbors, according to a press release.

Over the past 18 months, the company learned that many residents did not have a strong awareness of who Monsanto is or what it did in the islands.

As a result, Monsanto Hawaii has developed a series of advertisements that will begin running soon to help ensure better understanding of Monsanto Hawaii’s activities and the people who work there.

“Monsanto wants to address questions and comments from local residents, and to share more information about our farms and activities in Hawaii,” said John Purcell, Hawaii Business and Technology Lead at Monsanto Hawaii.

“We understand that a lot of people aren’t aware of who we are or what we do in Hawaii or around the world. This ad campaign is one way for us to keep reaching out to our local communities and dispel myths that may exist about us”

The ad campaign highlights the people who work at Monsanto and the company’s efforts in community.

Last year, Monsanto also launched a Hawaii-specific website, Facebook page and Twitter page (@monsantohawaii) where people can read about their farming practices and the company’s contributions to Hawaii.

The website also answers questions submitted by consumers regarding their operations and the industry in general.

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