How To Improve Your Home Office

April 27, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Columns,Home & Garden

Whether your home office is designated for running a business or just an area for paying bills, here are some things you can do to improve your space and productivity:

Clean Up

Clean up your work space before you start working.  You can do this in the morning or evening in preparation for your next day. It’s easy to forget this because you’re more comfortable at home but cleaning your work station will increase your productivity.


This is something that most people ignore when settings up their home office.  They focus on the big purchase items first —the desk, chair, and computer system. Lighting often comes as an afterthought—and yet, poor lighting can cause eyestrain and headaches.

Eliminate Distractions

Find a space in your home with the least amount of foot traffic.  If this is not possible schedule your work hours during times when others are not home. Some of the best places can be found in your garage, attic or basement.  There is little distraction allowing you to focus on work.  Make some simple home improvements to meet your specific home office needs.

Plan Your Day

Plan your day in advance. Take some time at night to think about your next day.  Think about all the things you need to do and schedule them ahead of time.  Its easy to get side tracked when working from home so make sure you have a schedule you follow it each day.

Get up early, to get some work done before everyone gets up.  Then continue your schedule when everyone is out of the house.

Get A Note Pad

Have a note pad ready at your finger tips.  With all the technology available these days you can easily be overwhelmed.  Having a traditional note pad within reach to take down a number or quick note can help you stay focused.

Working from home can be more productive as working in the office. Studies show that there are more benefits than one can imagine.