Hawaiian Telcom University Brought Imperative Messages To Hawaii Businesses

February 27, 2013 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

By: King Eddie


Last week, Hawaiian Telcom University fired on all cylinders all throughout what would have been an average hump-day here on O’ahu. In an interesting gathering, many local businesses were represented with the overall focus gearing towards propelling Hawaii’s business and Tech communities forward in a positive light.

It’s no secret that many players in the global business community feel that Hawaii is far behind the rest of the pack. But with collective learning such as Hawaiian Telcom University, and other conferences like it, we have the power to shape our own destiny here on the islands. We all know that we have the innovative power. All we have to do is find solutions to current and possible future issues in order to make up some ground. With the many workshops available at HI Tel U, the right messages were sent out.

I drew less from the keynote speech, but took much in from the workshops available. The first of which was delivered by Jeff Coomans and was all about Cloud Migration. He addressed many of the concerns in the crowd about what to look for when moving business to the cloud. In the business world we all know it is the major inevitability facing us today, and Jeff brought a clear message of developing a “Cloud Migration Strategy” in order to move business forward into the new age in the cloud.

542826_466990403356363_1423793422_nImmediately following her husband, Tara Coomans brought up some very interesting observations in her presentation focused on Social Media. Entitled “Worth it or Worthless”,  Tara’s presentation may have raised some pretty scary observations to those in attendance, but in the age of business via social web, these observations were of absolute necessity. Sometimes asking hard questions is the only way to find the best results. Questions like, ” Does the amount of followers, fans, subscribers, or likes really reflect on your revenue?”

Next up were a few discussions of moving into the future of business securely. In the age of so many businesses and even government agencies being hacked on the highest levels, security is an ever changing landscape that needs to be tended to. There are no shortcuts in securing your business, but it is entirely possible to safeguard yourself, your business, and your clients from those who wish to hack their way into your information.

Another session that seemed to blow the crowds away was the panel on Open Data. With one of the panel members being local tech superstar, Jared Kuroiwa, it was of no surprise that throughout the day  everyone in attendance migrated to their discussion. In an ever expanding avenue, open data has limitless potential. Here in Hawaii we are finally beginning to scratch the surface of it’s possibilities, and the panel at Hawaiian Telcom University helped to shed some light on what the future may hold.

To sum up the day, it was a conference that held several gems of truth. And in business, though we may not want to hear it sometimes, the truth is the only path to progress. Some discussions shed light on opportunities of improvement, while others illuminated all new paths of potential. HI Tel U offered something that we all need here in the business community in Hawaii. . . a portal of interaction. Sometimes it only takes one collection of the right perspectives in one room to spark a change for the better. Needless to say, there were many bright minds being opened up to many key topics at this particular conference. And I for one could see the growth being stimulated in nearly everyone in attendance. With the information and open dialogue available at Hawaiian Telcom University, the Hawaii business community may be taking several steps in the right direction.  In my humble opinion, collectives like these should happen a lot more often.