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Juicies + Plus

UPDATE 10/28/2013  – With less than 3 days to go Juicies+ has reached almost a quater million ($247,861), or six times more than their initial fundraising goal of $40,000.


Honolulu, Hawaii —  Hawaii Startup JUICIES+ launched their Kickstarter project  today. The crowdfunding project is about a charging cable that is made from the same material as the iPhone 5 or HTC One, Aluminium! In a world dominated by plastic charging cables, JUICIES+ is the high-quality alternative for everyone that loves their smartphone or tablet.  The company has raised over $38,000 in the first 16 hours.  With 59 days left Juicies + is expected to exceed their initial goal of $40,000.

“JUICIES+ is the cable Apple should have made,” says the Honolulu based founder Laurens Laudowicz. “We all have to charge our phones and tablets on a daily basis. My business partner Hannes and I got tired of always having to use the same plastic charging cables! So we built a cable that has the same high-quality look and feel as our smartphones.”




It’s true that many of the new top smartphones are made from premium materials; but their cables aren’t.

“For the JUICIES+ line, we use anodized aluminium and thick woven fabric cords. We got our inspiration from audio cords normally used in the music industry,” adds Hannes Reichelt who is based in Germany.

JUICIES+ is already the second project of the two founders. Laurens and Hannes launched their first Kickstarter project in early 2011 and set out to produce colorful charging cables for iPhone, iPad & iPod made from recycled materials. The project was successful and even several times overfunded, but it was a long way for the two founders to turn their idea into a retail ready product. “We definitely had a roller coaster experience during the project. But at the end of the day we delivered the final product to all of our backers and concluded the project successfully!” explains Laurens.

“Clear communication is essential for a Kickstarter project,” says Hannes. “We have learned a lot from our first project and are very excited to apply our gained knowledge to our JUICIES+ project.”

Juicies + Plus

With JUICIES+ they are continuing their crowdfunding story with another cable project. “There is so much room for improvement in terms of quality and style when it comes to charging cables currently on the market,” says Laurens. Unlike several other Kickstarter projects JUICIES+ cables do not offer any extra features or additional functions. “We decided to focus on simplicity and design, not gimmicky effects,“ explains the 33 year old. “There are a lot of interesting ideas out there, but we wanted to focus on the core essence of what our product is supposed to be doing.” And they sure did. JUICIES+ cables sync- and charge all Lightning based Apple devices and all Micro USB based phones or tablets with style!

The project launched Tuesday 02-SEPT-2013 on Kickstarter.com and the entrance pledge level starts at just $15. This will get all Early Birds (first 200 backers) one JUICIES+ cable including US shipping. In addition, backers can choose multiple cables for $35 more.

Sounds like a sweet deal! More info at http://juicies.com/plus

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