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High Grade Massage Chair
Dr.Takeda 神技(Kamiwaza)


・Acupuncture point auto-search function
・Kneading, Tapping hitting pressing & rolling functions
☆Kneading/Tapping dual function at the same time
☆Adjustable Roller width
☆Adjustable Speed 3 level
・Auto, manual or fixed working cycle
Settable time from 10 to 30 minutes
・34 built in deluxe air massage bags
☆Armrest massage feature with 4 air bags
☆Single air bag in seat cushion and two air bags on the two sides of seat
☆Calves and foot massage with 24 air bags & 4 level air massage with rhythmic function
・4 heavy duty & flexible massage wheels
・Automatic reclining for backrest & footrest
・Extendable calves and footrest to 5.4 inches
・Two vibrating motors in legrest
・VFD controller
・46*33*30 inches
・Weight 176 lbs
・One year labor three year parts warranty