Established in 2007, Jordan Property Management & Sales is a one stop shopping real estate company. We can do everything. SELL, LIST, RENT. We specialize in home sales, rental management, and investment properties in Hilo and surrounding areas of East Hawaii.
We have years of experience and an intimate knowledge of the rental and sales markets in Hilo and surrounding areas of East Hawaii. While we shop for your investment property we are advising you on our expert opinion of a range in how much income you can expect in the current market rents. Knowing this information is a huge advantage to our investor clients as not all real estate agents have rental knowledge. Once the property closes we are quick to find a tenant. We then rent out your investment property as it increases in value. Once we sell the property then we repeat the process moving up the scale on property selections and prices as we move along. Our primary focus is to provide the most comprehensive, effective, and informed property management in Hawaii. All of the agents at Jordan Property Management & Sales are experienced, professional, and take the time to insure our clients are fully satisfied and informed. www.hilopropertymanagement.com