Coming from a newer generation of designers, I have a fresh perspective. With that, I also have experience in social networking whether you’re looking for Facebook, Instagram,YouTube, Pintrest, or Twitter graphics and functions.
Hey there! I have been working as a graphic designer for almost five years now and I specialize in shapes and colors. I believe that I have a fresh perspective of bold and beautiful. I have apprenticed with companies like Phase 9 in West Palm Beach, Fl and with another in Canada with an advertising company. Below is more information about my experiences in the field.
I believe that it is extremely important to travel in order to be a well rounded designer. You can gain a lot of experience from different parts of the country and the world. I can say that I have worked in ALL four corners of the US and have traveled outside of the US and have seen inspiration from places like Mexico and London.
Please feel free to contact me with any inquires regarding graphic design.-haleyrussographics.com