ForeverLED Hawaii is Hawaii’s only exclusive distributor of Foreverlamp and Alessi LED lighting products. By bringing factory direct pricing into Hawaii, ForeverLED Hawaii is sure to beat any of the leading LED lighting product prices by up to 30%. Designed with the highest quality manufacturing process, simply replace any regular CFL or incandescent bulb with our LED bulbs and start saving today.
Foreverlamp is a LED Lighting Company, founded in 2010 by Peter S. Shen. Headquartered in the Netherlands, Foreverlamp holds regional offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and Los Angeles. By offering creative and attractive lamps and luminaires of outstanding quality to both consumers and professional users, Forverlamp wishes to become a major player in the LED retrofit and design luminiare market. The transition towards LED products is a historic opportunity in the lighting industry which will contribute to a significant environmental improvement.
For the design of a premium range of LED light bulbs and luminaires, Peter approached Alberto Alessi, CEO of Alessi, the famous Italian design company. This is how the ALESSILUX collection was born, opening the door to  a revolution in the world of lighting.
With beautifully designed products, Foreverlamp wishes to convince consumers and professionals, to make the choice of long lasting and energy-saving lighting solutions that will stand the test of time. Foreverlamp products are designed for life, delivering the highest quality when it comes to luminance, light temperature, energy saving, longevity, dimming possibilities and aesthetics.
Thanks to its low energy consumption, a Foreverlamp LED product enables a saving of 80% over incandescent and halogen light bulbs. With an average use of 1000 lighting hours per year, the Foreverlamp products will last 25 years. If all incandescent lamps in the world were replaced with LEDs, we could light up the equivalent of five Earth-sized planets with the same energy we use today.