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If you are looking to buy, rent or sell a home, we can help. When we buy, we are cash homebuyers allowing you to sell your home FAST with NO COST to you. We don’t want to list your home; we want to buy it! We are real estate investors, so we never charge you any fees, commissions or other charges.

When we sell real estate, our homes are surprisingly affordable. This is a result of the purchasing power of CHC Real Estate, LLC. We buy real estate at discounted prices and pass the savings onto the new homebuyer by offering professionally upgraded homes at a discount to current market prices. We’ve worked with many of homebuyers and owners in the region.

We also provide property for rent. Because we are cash home buyers, we are able to secure properties at exceptional rates, passing our discounts down to you so you can enjoy affordable quality housing. Our rental properties are above average quality and well maintained. They offer value and provide clean affordable living, making them best choice for people looking at renting properties.