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Suddenly Slender® Body Wraps By The Sea is unlike any other body wrap you have experienced. We provide our clients with the world’s finest holistic products and body treatments that rejuvenate the spirit, enrich the mind and awaken the soul. You will truly see a difference in the way you look and feel.


“For years I have tried different diets and exercise programs. I had these “saddlebags” on my hips and by my second wrap I saw substantial results. It was amazing!” – D.M.

“I and a friend came for our first wraps three weeks ago. We were both doubting what the results would be. However, we were both pleasantly surprised! I am so excited! Plus it keeps working even after it’s done!” – N.B.

“After only a few wraps, the appearence of cellulite has almost disappeared!” – E.L.
“I’m a size 4 so, I didn’t think that I would see a big difference. And when I arrived in Florida I began retaining water (16 pounds) due to the weather change. I did 2 Fat Burner Wraps and a Slendertone Wrap back-to-back and saw great results! ” – K.Q.