Erik Finman, A 17 Year Old Dropout, Is Changing Education With Botangle

May 2, 2016 Education

Erik Finman bounced from school to school and was often bullied. One particularly mean teacher reportedly joined in by advising the Erik to “drop out and work at McDonald’s because he’d never amount to anything.”


Erik eventually did drop out of school, but continued his education by building his own learning environment from home, using a computer and an Internet connection, and called it Botangle (a combination of “robotics” and “angle”).


When the robotics prodigy was 15, he took his “side project” to the next level, launching it at as fee-based online video tutoring service. He bootstrapped the startup on his own, using $100,000 he’d cashed-out from a very lucky early Bitcoin investment. Today, he oversees a team of programmers, not only for Botangle, but for several other promising startups.

He is currently seeking to fill several full time positions.

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