Dr. Larry Schlesinger of Breast Implant Center of Hawaii: An Artist Among Plastic Surgeons

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 Larry SchlesignerFor 32 years now, Dr. Larry Schlesinger of The Breast Implant Center Of Hawaii, has been working as a Cosmetic Surgeon. That amount of experience can clearly speak for itself as far as a business is concerned, but there is more to the story than just a block of time spent in the profession. Dr. Schlesinger has an it factor that many wouldn't really expect to see in a Cosmetic Surgeon, he's an artist.

If you were to look back in time to the beginning of his career in this field you would find Dr. Schlesinger on Maui. He worked in trauma and assisted in the ER with plastic surgery cases, getting his feet wet the same way most others in his field are inclined to do. Working with burn victims and patients with cleft pallets, he began to build the knowledge needed to succeed in his field. After performing a few cosmetic procedures there he was faced with a new take on his location.

"Patients would say to me, 'well if you're any good you should be in Honolulu'. So I realized if I wanted to get a practice, I needed to open in Honolulu. I went ahead and opened an office here in Honolulu in 1989."

Having already opened a practice in Kona in 1984, the opening of his Honolulu office would complete the three offices that inevitably built his reputation. Patients were coming to Dr.Schlesinger from all islands, and liking their results.

Originally offering nearly all of the procedures that the profession offers, in 2009 Dr. Schlesinger decided to focus more on breast implants.

"By 2011 I realized that several of my patients were post pregnancy patients. I really liked them and had a greater understanding of what pregnancy does to women. I felt it was an area that interested me and I really wanted to pursue it. I Built a new surgery center and called it the Mommy Makeover Institute Of Hawaii."

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Now with The Breast Implant Center Of Hawaii, and The Mommy Makeover Institute Of Hawaii, Dr. Schlesinger has the perfect balance of operations. But it isn't only his experience and specialization that make him such a qualified Doctor, it's the aforementioned it factor. Following his history, it's clear to see why he is so successful. He enlisted in the Army at 19 and made his way up to the rank of Sgt. Then he took on Officer Candidate School and worked his way up to Officer status. That is not exactly a very common achievement.

After serving as an Artillery Officer, Dr. Schlesinger went on to medical school where he graduated first in his class. Yet again, not a common achievement. His pattern of excellence is absolutely astonishing.


Going on to publish 25 peer reviewed papers on Plastic Surgery, and deliver lectures to mainland Plastic Surgeons numerous times, Dr. Schlesinger has consistently stood out as an exceptional Doctor and Surgeon. In 2000, he was awarded Physician Of The year in the state of Hawaii, and has continued to demonstrate why he stands out above the rest. But through all of his achievements, awards, and accolades, Dr. Larry Schlesinger credits his success to something much different.

"I have a family that allows me to work and put in as much time as I need to. I have a daughter that is very supportive of whatever I do.I'm immersed in what I do. I care about my patients and my employees." Said Schlesinger. " I have an artistic bend and I have always wanted to do something artistic. I never had the medium until I got into plastic surgery. It's a combination of art and technical ability."

Breast Implant Center Of Hawaii is located at 1221 Kapiolani Blvd. Suite 1025 in Honolulu.

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