Contractor or Handyman? Who To Call For Small Home Repairs?

April 11, 2017 Columns,Home & Garden


Almost every home in Hawaii needs some maintenance, small repairs we tend to ignore or don’t have time to repair.  Minor damages can become a major problem if they’re not fixed in time. You will find yourself doing major repairs over time and paying more because you didn’t fix these small issues before they became big.

The best way of dealing with minor repairs is hiring a handyman service. Unlike building contractors a good handyman will help you do the minor repairs to ensure your home remains in good condition.

hawaii home repairs


There are times when you should consider whether to hire a Hawaii handyman or contractor. This mainly depends on the magnitude of the repairs you want done. If the repairs are minor and can be repaired easily you should hire a handyman. A handyman is less expensive than a professional contractor. Some of the minor repairs can be completed even within a few minutes and this will not cost you much. If you hire a contractor you might be paying more for extensive repairs. For instance; if a section of your stairs has a problem you should hire a handyman. But if you want the stairs to be replaced you should consider hiring a contractor.



You should make a list of all the things you want repaired prior to contacting a handyman. This is because you might forget something and this will require your handyman to come back on a different occasion and he will charge more if he keeps coming back to do repairs. However, if you prepare a list your handyman can quote you to do all the repairs at once.

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