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How To Obtain A Copy Of Your Tax Returns

If you're applying for home or student loan you will most likely be asked to submit a copy of the last 3 years of your tax returns. For most this is a simple task but i

How To Find A Tax Preparer In Hawaii For Your Small Business

Asking a few short questions and preparing yourself before your search for a tax preparer can make things much easier. Small business owners often worry their yearly

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Credit repair isn't rocket science. It takes time but you can improve your credit score legitimately. Beware of any offers that claim to improve your credit score fas

What Your Income Tax Dollar Paid For

You probably just filed your 2015 income taxes. The deadline to file them was today. If you're wondering what your taxes paid for the The National Priorities Project released a report tha

Mystery Man Moving Japan Made More Than 1 Million Trades

Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- It was six minutes after the opening bell on Feb. 4, and dozens of big-name stocks were still untraded in Tokyo.Telecommunications giant SoftBank Corp. was among those that

Who’s tax is it, anyway? - Government and Politics - Mobile Adv

In Hawaii, if the owner has adjusted gross income of at least $100,000 (single) or $200,000 (married filing jointly), and then state taxes are not deductible at all.But there is a w