You Must Know This To Achieve Anything In Life

By Joe FoxDo I have your attention?I just came back from my morning run and felt inspired to share this with you......At some point, we’re all stuck at our current level of THINKING

Upgrade Your Power Outlets To Adapter Free USB Charging

Did you know you can upgrade your wall outlets to USB supported outlets?USB charging ports outlets are simple to install and standards-certified for safety, and it won’t look out of place in an

Rat Lungworm Infected Slug Found In Homemade Kava On Hawaii island

By Rie OshiroSix Big Island locals were recently hospitalized after drinking some homemade kava.  It wasn’t the quality of the kava that made them sick, but rather what they found sitting at th

Why Your Facebook Posts Should Be Public

You probably heard stories about someone who lost their job because of something they posted on Facebook or someone who had their identity stolen and they now keep all their social media activity "pri

Contractor or Handyman? Who To Call For Small Home Repairs?

SMALL HOME REPAIRSAlmost every home in Hawaii needs some maintenance, small repairs we tend to ignore or don't have time to repair.  Minor damages can become a major problem if they're n

Hawaiian Sanctuary presents Seedfully Sprouting Diversity - April 15 - 9am

Hawaiian Sanctuary is proud to present: Plant Aloha, a FREE educational series of sustainable farming classes.

How To Reduce Your Water Bill

By Rie OshiroIs your water bill too high? That might account to the tremendous amount of water being used outdoors—specifically on your lawn.Hawaii living expenses are already at an all tim


PUTTING GREENSThis is a great way to add versatility and fun to your backyard remodel in Hawaii, especially if you like to golf.

Top 10 Most Favorite Local Beaches in Hawaii

Hawaii has the most amazing beaches in the world but what makes one beach great for surfers does not necessarily make for a great family destination to go for a swim.

2017 Honolulu Ekiden and Music Festival Celebrates 5th Anniversary May 21, 2017

Fifth Annual Honolulu Ekiden and Music Festival to be held on May 21, 2017WHAT: 2017 Honolulu Ekiden and Music FestivalWHEN: May 21, 2017WHERE: Kapiolani Park, HON

US Research Finds Diabetic Fasting Diet Regenerates Pancreas

A study, published by in The Journal Cell say that the fasting diet reboots the body.The public is advised not


1. FIGURE OUT YOUR RANKING: Find out where you and your competition rank. You can use tools like SE ranking and ahrefs to get detailed reports on where your company stands across search engines.

Japans "Tuna King" paid $636,000 for this Ahi Bluefin Tuna

​Japan’s famous “Tuna King” has done it again -- paying more than $600,000 fo

How To Obtain A Copy Of Your Tax Returns

If you're applying for home or student loan you will most likely be asked to submit a copy of the last 3 years of your tax returns. For most this is a simple task but i

How To Find A Tax Preparer In Hawaii For Your Small Business

Asking a few short questions and preparing yourself before your search for a tax preparer can make things much easier. Small business owners often worry their yearly



Erik Finman, A 17 Year Old Dropout, Is Changing Education With Botangle

Erik Finman bounced from school to school and was often bullied. One particularly mean teacher reportedly joined in by advising the Erik to “drop out and work at McDonald’s because he'd never amou

Woman Files $5 Million Lawsuit Against Starbucks For Too Much Ice In Her Coffee

Stacy Pincus of Illinois accuses Starbucks of packing almost half of their cold beverages with ice as a means to skimp on serving actual coffee to customers. Pincus claims, that a 24-ounc

Free Krispy Kreme Donuts On Super Hero Thursday

Krispy Kreme is celebrating a totally made-up holiday called Super Hero Day, on Thursday, April 28. But instead of honoring Iron Man, Batman or Superman, it's a celebrati

How To Repair Your Credit

Credit repair isn't rocket science. It takes time but you can improve your credit score legitimately. Beware of any offers that claim to improve your credit score fas

5 Tips To Better Sleep

1. Create a routine to help yourself wind downHaving a pre-bedtime routine is key to getting a good night's sleep. "Insert a 10-minute period before going to sleep where you do quiet activities, dec

What Your Income Tax Dollar Paid For

You probably just filed your 2015 income taxes. The deadline to file them was today. If you're wondering what your taxes paid for the The National Priorities Project released a report tha

Epsom Salt Skin & Hair Treatment

Rubbing Epsom Salt with water into your hands will leave your hands feeling smoother. Rubbing a handful over wet skin removes dead cells giving your skin a healthier and renewed lo

Campbells Is Recalling 12 Million Soups

The Campbell Soup Company issued an immediate recall on 12 million cans of soup after it was discovered that they needed a touch more salt to really bring out the flavor. The issue came t

New McDonald's Restaurant Offers All-You-Can-Eat Fries And Customizable Burgers

McDonald's is opening a restaurant in Missouri that's unlike any other McDonald's in the country. The new 6,500-square-foot location in St. Joseph will offer all-you-can-eat french fries,

Why Gary Vaynerchuk is betting on Facebook Live and Snapchat

In a recent interview Gary Vaynerchuk told Techcrunch which platforms he’s optimistic about. His firm h

Warren Buffet Wants To Build The Largest Wind Farm

Warren Buffett’s MidAmerican Energy Company plans to invest $3.6 billion in what would become the nation’s largest wind energy facility.At 2,000 megawatts, the proposed Wind XI project would o

Dr. Larry Schlesinger of Breast Implant Center of Hawaii: An Artist Among Plastic Surgeons

For 32 years now, Dr. Larry Schlesinger of The Breast Implant Center Of Hawaii, has been working as a Plastic Surgeon. That amount of experience can clearly speak for itself as far as a business is co

17 Resolutions Only the Most Successful People Make |

1. Do one thing you've been afraid to do.The most paralyzing fear is fear of the unknown. (At least it is for me.)Nothing ever turns out to be as hard or as scary as you think.Plus, it's i

These 12 Shops Serve The Best Shave Ice In Hawaii

Shave Ice: the quintessential Hawaiian treat, the perfect snack for a quick sugar rush after a day spent in the ocean. Is there really any better dessert on a hot Hawaiian afternoon? We sure don’t t

Mystery Man Moving Japan Made More Than 1 Million Trades

Sept. 26 (Bloomberg) -- It was six minutes after the opening bell on Feb. 4, and dozens of big-name stocks were still untraded in Tokyo.Telecommunications giant SoftBank Corp. was among those that

Small hydro development act awaits enactment in Hawaii

HONOLULU, Hawaii 06/17/2015By Michael HarrisHawaiian legislators have passed a bill that could allow for the development of micro hydroelectric projects on the state's agricultural land should

FDA Stops Trans Fat Use In U.S. Food By 2018

Artificial trans fat will have to disappear from the American diet, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The FDA on Tuesday ruled that trans fat is not "generally recognize

The Role of Salespeople Will Evolve in 2015

Savvy customers don’t value old-school, pressure-based, manipulative sales methods.In fact, many executives say they’ll decide to not select a vendor because of a negative sales experience.

Using Investments And Technology To Rebuild Hawaii's Koa Forests : All Tech Considered : NPR

Over the next few decades, the trees will be harvested for timber — a potential windfall for investors.