Blockchain Could End The Airlines Overbooking Problems

April 18, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Columns,Tech


Trond-Vidar-Bjorøy-blockchainAccording to Trond Vidar Bjorøy ( @trondbjoroy ), ATPI‘s head of new product development and implementation for Nordic markets, blockchain could eliminate a number of pain points for both travelers and travel companies.

As we seen recent weeks overbooked flights can pose a serious problems for travelers and airlines.

Blockchain’s ability to prevent double spending could in theory remove the problem of double bookings in the industry, which would hopefully (for both passengers and airlines) eliminate instances like this from happening.

Most blockchain enthusiasts know that this technology has potential beyond fintech. However, one industry that hasn’t seen much attention from those enthusiasts is the travel industry. And it’s one that deals regularly with a number of pain points that blockchain technology has the potential to solve.