7 Marketing Tactics For Small Business

October 11, 2012 Columns

By Norman Kaui

Owning a business in Hawaii can be a dream come true.  Being successful at it depends your sales and marketing strategies.  Here are 7 marketing tactics to help your business grow in Hawaii.

1. Create A Selling Point

If you want to stand out from the crowd, create a unique selling proposition that stresses the benefits the customers will receive from doing business with you.  Will they get faster service?  Go ahead and dramatize it, but keep the customer at the focus…”Get free overnight delivery!”  Hey, it tells the customer…you get quick service and a discount on shipping.   Two definite benefits in one statement.

2. Use Testimonials

Testimonials play an important part in advertising.  What the current customers think about it that really matters to your prospective customers.  They’re the ones who see things from their point of view… what they have to say about the business has an impact.

3. Upsell

Use every opportunity to increase your sales volume within the customer audience you already have.  Do you have a product that goes with the one they are purchasing?  Offer it to them at the register.  It’s a proven and effective method for increasing sales.  You may be shocked at the additional sales you can generate from those who are already buying from you.

4.  Make Your Price Appear Smaller

When the price seems too steep, break it down into “buyable” size bites.  An $120 item is only 12 low monthly payments of $10.  A $365 purchase would only cost $1 per day.

5.  The Benefits 

Customers buy because they want to enjoy the benefits of the purchase.  A lady might buy a dress because she wants to feel sexy, or a man will buy a book because he finds pleasure in reading.  Emotions are the key element that drives purchases.  Use word pictures to stir up the emotions that will instigate the sale.  Let them “feel” the benefits.

6.  Create Headlines

The headline is the place to start.  How often do you scan the newspaper’s headlines before you decide whether or not to read the article?   A good headline should telegraph its message in twelve words or less.

7.  Make An Offer They Can’t Resist

Is your deal too good to pass up?  If not, you need to improve it.  Motivate buyers.  Urge them.  When the customer knows he has until Saturday to purchase an item he’ll pay more for on Sunday, he’ll make it a priority to head for your shop.

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