Map Of Voter Turnout For Hawaii’s Primary Weekend

August 13, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

By: King Eddie

Below you will find a map of voter turnout here in Hawaii over this past weekend. Notice the color coded percentages.

Purple – 60% or greater
Blue – 59% to 50%
Green – 49% to 40%
Yellow – 39% to 30%
Red – less than 30%

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Though in only four precincts, areas that turned out more than 60%. Those four precincts were Waiakea High School, Manoa Elementary School, Niu Valley Middle School, and Calvary Chapel of Honolulu.

As a whole, the voter turnout for each county shakes down as follows:

Maui County – 30.6%
Hawaii County – 42.6%
Kauai County – 39.3%
Honolulu County – 44.2%

Map of voter turnout and percentages courtesy of Jared I. Kuroiwa of @HawaiiElection