TheBU Kombucha The World’s Best Tasting Kombucha Spreads Hawaii Flavor To California

June 21, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News,Press Releases

Best Kombucha

By: King Eddie

Being healthy is finally being taken more seriously. As the interest in healthy living grows, so does the number of products that will aid you in your quest. One of the products that is getting the health spotlight right now is Kombucha Tea. Kombucha tea is a living drink, so to speak. It is developed from organic tea, organic cane sugar, organic probiotic cultures, and organic natural flavors.The probiotics, beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and enzymes Best Kombuchathat harmonize with your body to create an all new feeling of health. Many say it not only benefits your physical well being, but your mental well being as well.

Such an interesting product. And it's catching like wildfire. So we took a look at a company in this market that has Hawaii ties and found something very special. Makana Beverages produces "TheBU Kombucha Tea". And it was three surfing entrepreneurs who founded Makana Beverages, right here in Hawaii. Since it's birth, the company has expanded to California and is looking to make it's mark in the world of Kombucha Tea.

Using some flavors commonly associated with Hawaii like Mango, Passion Fruit, and Hibiscus, TheBU has created a Tropical flavor of their Kombucha Tea that really gives a local twist to a growing tea movement. And it is for that reason they have begun to stand out. TheBU has taken something that many would overlook and joined it together with something that they feel is very beneficial. Making health taste good is hard to do, but it appears they have found a way.Find Kombucha

Forging forward into this emerging market isn't easy. After all, many veterans in the health space have been plugging away at this for years. But there is something that Makana Beverages does differently, they care. TheBu Koombucha Tea is not only a product. It is the culmination of what three Hawaii residents feel could change the game. And in business, changing the game is what it's all about. Everything about their product reflects on their full belief in giving their customers something unique, as well as something with pure quality. TheBU is sent out at the height of it's fermented and carbinated perfection. These are small details that other companies may overlook. Too much or too little of either would really Kombuchachange the overall product, and Makana Beverages has developed the exact blueprint for this process. Always with their customers on their mind, and as Kombucha drinkers themselves, they offer something uniquely redefining.

You can find TheBU Kombucha locally at "Down To Earth" health food stores, and the expansion in California has put then in countless other locations. It's always a pleasure to see a unique business pop up right here in Hawaii. And it's even more amazing to see it grow over to the mainland and share a little bit of Hawaii with the rest of the world. Keep your eyes open for TheBU Kombucha, by Makana Beverages. A locally born company with locally born flavors on the track for success.

About TheBU Kombucha
ThéBÜ Kombucha Tea is made by Makana Beverages, which began as a startup in Hawaii in 2010 by a trio of Hawaiian Surfers.  The reception was so overwhelmingly positive the company moved to Ventura in 2011 to ramp up production and share their product with a wider audience. ThéBÜ Kombucha Tea is artisanal kombucha, produced in small batches and brought to you real, raw, and alive