Smart Phone Credit Card Reading Apps, Smart Business

April 11, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Columns

By: King Eddie

If you are a small business owner and haven’t heard of the amazing capabilities of companies like Square, then this tid bit is for you.

In a world where most transactions have gone electronic, it is crucial for a business to offer that as a payment method. For a mobile business, or one that attracts seasonal sales, etc… Square, and companies like it, are the answer for you. It’s an amazing opportunity to collect credit card payments right on your smart phone at a low fee.

This product is so worth it, that even the Girl Scouts of America use it not with their cookie sales. Since using smart phone credit card reading apps, their sales have shot up even higher than ever. It’s amazing what something so small can do for business in such a big way. But catering to the electronically money minded is something that must be done.

Check it out and see what you think. Having used it in business ventures myself, I can assure you than you won’t be disappointing. But neither will your customers. And that is inevitably where your focus needs to be. Good luck.