Aloha Friday Launches Locally Made, All Natural, Enhanced Water Drink

July 23, 2012 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ News

By: King Eddie

The beverage market is extremely competitive. If you need any reassurance of that, merely take a look down a beverage isle at your local grocery store and see the hundreds of products that line the shelves. Imagine to yourself what it would take to make something stand out in this area. Andrea Gall-Krasnick, owner of Aloha Friday Beverage Company, asked herself that very same question and found that creating a colorful, great tasting, and all natural enhanced water would be the answer.

Formerly Jetway Inc, a company which sold beverages to battle the effects of jet lag, Aloha Friday Beverage Company found its true calling in the enhanced water market. Andrea realized that her jet lag beverage could be used for much more than just jet lag. After all, many of us suffer from similar symptoms of jet lag nearly every day of our lives. So Andrea went to work re-branding her company, using the best of what she had already created, and fused it together with something that we already use on a daily basis.

Using customer feedback, Andrea took the best of her flavors and built them into enhanced waters. Now, Aloha Friday is launching Classic Orange, Classic Lemon, and a fusion of Apricot and Nectarine. Each product is lightly flavored and sweetened, and never overpowering. It’s a product that is good for work, school, or even the gym.

We aren’t talking about a sugar loaded sports drink here. This is a refreshing, naturally flavored water that is loaded with 5 vitamins and 6 minerals. There is no caffeine, no calories, and no sugar! Best of all, it’s made right here in Hawaii. And as we all know, there is something special about products made here on the islands.

Andrea remains strong in her goal of keeping “Hawaii First”. Though her goal, much like any business owner, is to be successful, Andrea feels that she can achieve that right here on the islands. Everything is produced right here in Hawaii.

Aloha Friday will be launching in store such as Rainbows End Snack Shop, Mix Cafe, and The Lanikai General Store in early August, and hopes to find it’s way into supermarkets such as Safeway and Times soon after.

They also hold a monthly contest that will be starting in August in which a lucky winner will receive 12 free bottles of Aloha Friday. Four of each Flavor! And who doesn’t like free?

Overall, Aloha Friday Beverage Company is trying to do something good. From environmentally friendly packaging, to all natural and healthy ingredients, this locally made product is trying to do something good and deliver something good. So in the spirit of supporting local business, supporting health, and supporting the environment, give Aloha Friday a try.

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